Twitter is still setting the airwaves ablaze with its up to the minute topicality  of news, muses and EVERYTHING in between.

You  can have twitter access to celebrities like the beautiful and talented Adventure Girl Stefanie Michaels, or read the thoughts and happenings of  Governor Schwarzenegger from California.

Keep up to date by news aggregators like  CNN or The New York Times,  join in the conversation with  social media expert Pete Cashmore of Mashable and be inspired daily by Chief Happiness Officer, the incredible  iconic88.

When only the BEST will do, Twitter can take you  places that you wouldn’t normally dream possible.

And when only the BEST IN FOOD will do, I have faithfully compiled for you a list of Food blogger stars  that epitomise the twitter philosophy of caring and sharing.


Well simply BECAUSE, and not limited to the fact that  this group of individuals are engaging and generous with their time and experiences.

They follow back, reply to tweets and are more than happy to share their extensive knowledge.

Their blogs are inspiring and the content is fresh and exciting.

These are real people who share, care and are a positive breath of fresh air with their culinary tweets.

This eclectic bunch of bloggers just make you feel good!

I look forward to a long and happy TW relationship with these fantastic foodies, and have asked Santa Claus for a Twitter foodblogger tweet up  with them ALL real soon.  IMAGINE that...


Deeba of  Passionate about Baking

Twitter ID  @vindee

Deeba sure is passionate about baking!  Her mantra that she cooks by is “Do it from scratch” . A die hard foodie from New Delhi India, she is also a die hard twitter (er) . I meet Deeba some months ago via twitter and since then have been turned on to her blog with its beautiful photography and thoughtful recipe posts.

Deeba puts a lot of energy and heart into everything she does, and our conversations always revolve around our passion for food and her beautiful homeland. Shukriya Deeba!


Jaden of Steamy kitchen

Twitter ID @steamykitchen

Jaden’s blog Steamy Kitchen is a celebration of global flavors. Originally a vehicle for stunning Asian Fare, Jaden decided to extend her blogs repertoire and explore her love of ALL things food.

As well as a celebrated food writer and food photographer, you can  find Jaden on Daytime and Tampa Bay CBS as a television chef. Talented? You bet!

How she finds time to twitter with her friends and fans is incredible, as this incredible women sure is steaming up the airwaves with her brand of food tweets, fun ideas and fabulousness!


Angeli of My Caribbean Food

Twitter ID  @mycaribbeanfood

Living and cooking in London, Angeli’s blog My Caribbean Food is a twist of modern and classic Caribbean food that is spicy,  evocative and highly creative.

Chief cook, mother and  wife to “Shrek” you can read her light hearted humorous posts and outtakes on life like  How to eat Jerk chicken wraps with your whole face… being one of my  favorites.

Angeli is an engaging fellow twitter who’s always happy to chat and share her extensive knowledge on all things Caribbean.


Lorraine of Not Quite Nigella

Twitter ID  @notquitenigella

Lorraine is the creative expertise behind one of the most highly visited blogs in Australia ~ Not Quite Nigella. With a mix of tempting recipes and restaurant reviews, Lorraine is a highly sort after blogger who covers everything from the latest gourmet McDonald’s burger to keeping up with the monthly “daring baker” challenges.

Just as popular on twitter, Lorraine’s updates are always entertaining and fun to read, full of sage advice for the weary gourmand.


Meet Babette from Bakespace

Twitter ID  @bakespace

Babette is the CEO and founder of Bakespace, a recipe site/online community that  is the first  food orientated social network on the internet. With an impressive collection of awards, Babette’s backspace is a great place to read, share and discuss recipes  with other like minded individuals.

An avid tweeter, Babette can be found discussing anything from cotton candy martini’s to the possibility of pancakes on a stick.  Her community at Bakespace extends to her twitter connections where you can share a good laugh and fill up on some fantastic virtual culinary delights.


Debbie of Savory Adventures

Twitter ID  @dolcedebbie

There are many ways for you to have the pleasure of spending time with this great lady. You can join Chef Debbie on her  blog ~ Savory Adventures, watch her on Daytime Tampa Bay Television, attend one of her cooking classes  or take a trip with her and husband Barry as they host luxury culinary adventures to Italy.

If that’s not enough, you can also meet Debbie on Twitter where she still manages to indulge us with her love for food, cooking and teaching.


Rebecca of Thoughts from Becca

Twitter ID  @frombecca

Rebecca is a true foodie in every since of the word!  Her blog ~ Thoughts from Becca is a beautiful collection of her global experiences as a gourmand. With wonderful recipes, many attributed to her beloved Mother, she also peppers her posts with restaurants she has visited, food and cookery musings from a true lover of the finer things in life.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca online when I was still a fledgling tweeter. She showed me the ropes, introduced me to some great people and never fails to stop by and check how I’m going.

Rebecca’s tweets are always positive, warm the heart and feed the soul!


Joy from Gourmet’ed

Twitter ID   @gourmeted

Joy describes her blog ~ Gourmet’ed as the Adventures of two desperate foodies, a mixing of East meets West. The two foodies in question  have put together a stunning site that is full of gorgeous  recipes, food facts, stunning photography and beautiful sentiment.

On Twitter connecting with Joy is purely that, a Joy! She engages and encourages, introducing her followers to many other fabulous foodie friends. She always has a kind word to share and some great food knowledge to tantalize the taste buds.


Susan of Luna Cafe

Twitter ID  @lunacafe

The blog ~ Luna Cafe is a testament to the love and passion that its creators have for food and photography. A smart and delicious looking selection of recipes like Triple lemon doddles with its wonderful step by step photography.

Susan from Luna Cafe describes herself as an enthusiastic epicure, cooking instructor and author and is the creative juices behind what is a beautiful and tempting array of virtual goodies.

Joining Susan on Twitter will be a worthwhile journey of recipe posts, food discussions and foodie friends, where she is always willing to lend a helping hand and suggest something delicious to eat.


Amanda of Amanda’s Cookin

Twitter ID   @amandascookin

Amanda’s  skills and talents as a webmaster are evident in the blog she has created ~ Amanda’s cookin. An avid baker and self confessed cooking fanatic this Mom of 4 brings us helpings of delicious recipes to whet the appetite and inspire creation.

Amanda’s cake recipes are a tear jerky to the sweet toothed ones amongst us with creations like 4 layered Chocolate dabbled Pumpkin Cake sure to make you shed a tear.

Tweeting with Amanda is always a pleasure as she shares with her followers loads of interesting recipe posts, foodie finds and family favorites. Always engaging and happy to share a smile and a tweet, Amanda is a  true twitter superstar!




  1. Thankyou so much Bridget! I'm so flattered to be included in your list! I love YOUR work! 🙂 xxx

  2. deeba said…

    What a wonderful way to wake up on Sunday morning Bridget. Am humbled, and elated beyond words, to be included in your list. I love the effort you've put into introducing and talking about each of the 10. You have a beautiful blog and you are a beautiufl person. Really enjoy following your tweets! ♥

  3. Suziwong66 said…

    heck, i've been missing out! i only follow about 4 on this list!! Darn…i've got work to do in the form of a few follows LOL

  4. AlpacaFarmgirl said…

    Thanks for the great list! Appreciate the recommendations.

  5. Bridget said…

    @Lorraine You’re a superstar darling!

    @vindee Good morning to you! Just keep doing that thing you do!! : )

  6. great post. some very interesting food blogs listed. 🙂

  7. msmarmitelover said…

    I don’t get a mention! *flounces off in huff*

  8. jaden said…

    Thanks for the shout out!!! xoxo jaden

  9. Angie Food Muse said…

    I follow some but not all and will be sure to put them on my list! Thanks for breaking it down fo us!

  10. Louie said…

    I think you forgot one in the top ten, @DefIFF, number 1 italian food website in the world.

  11. LunaCafe said…

    Bridget, you are exceedingly generous and gracious.

    I am deeply touched and honored to be included in this list. It is wonderful to be part of the food bloggers community, to be inspired and amazed every day by so much talent, commitment, and willingness to share.

    You are an inspiration. You remind us to be generous and to support each other. Thank you!

    I hope you can feel the heap of luminous blessings that are descending on your lovely head right now. 🙂


  12. Thanks for the list. I’m following some but not all of these foodie bloggers – so I’ll widen my reading! Thanks for the recommendations. If you would also check-out Mama Says ( you might find another food blog for your next listing! Lynn

  13. Joy said…

    I’m so honoured to be a part of this distinguished group of women I admire. Thank you so much for including me darling! I already follow the others and I couldn’t agree more. What a fab bunch!

  14. Amanda said…

    Thank you so much for the honor Bridget! I see that I am in excellent company, pretty sure I’m already following all of them. If I’m not, I certainly will be. Thank you again!

  15. Babette said…

    Thank you for including us in your post.. we're thrilled, honored & humbled to be with so many of our personal favorites too! 🙂

  16. Juan said…

    Us Men Food Blogger's feel left out. 🙁

  17. Hong Kuykendoll said…

    Hi, I also like the Toy Story movies, great animation!

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