Captains log… Stargate 4.

The latest installment of this great Chocolate circumnavigation of the globe finds us sweeping through uncharted skies.

Chocolate. Funky?

‘You must be kidding me’, you say. Oh, I couldn’t possibly me more excited to share these recipes with you!

After much salivation and smacking of lips, I have successfully compiled a list of 9 wonders of the chocolate universe, slightly left field, unusual and rather unique.

So to boldly go where no foodie has gone before, try one or try them all! Send the link to your friends and tempt them too with a little chocolate appreciation.

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Bananas. Chocolate. BBQ. from On Food and Wine

Churro with hot chocolate from Eating Club Vancover

Delicious chocolate and banana grilled panini from Pink Bites

3 minute chocolate cake miracle from The Internet Chef

2 ingredients chocolate mousse from Just Cook It

Special Chocolate covered blueberries from 5 Star Foodie

Chunky double chocolate cheerios from Greedy Gourmet

Chocolate pasta with raspberries from Taste Buddies

Ever so yummy-Seroms inside out smores from Clumbsy Cookie

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  1. Thanks for including my recipe in this fabulous chocolate list!

  2. Tenina said…

    Loving all your lists Bridget…hope I show up on one sooner or later…(from one chocaholic to another!

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