photo by Nicolas.boullosa

photo by Nicolas.boullosa

The increase in interest of cooking and dining has seen the humble chef lifted to elevations of celebrity status, with the hungry masses hanging off their every turn of the whisk and flip of the pan.

From the depths of our steamy kitchens has arisen celebrity giants that can hold their own on the fluffiest red carpets in the world.

No longer is the dark ‘dungenous’ confines of the commercial kitchen the home of toiling magicians.

They are creating stunning high gloss cookbooks, making entertaining cooking shows with prime time positioning, traveling the world conducting masterclasses and speaking engagements. Nowadays, much to the delight of the millions of tweeters globally, these chefs  have active twitter accounts.

If you love food or even like it slightly, following some..or all of these cooking geniuses will inspire salivation and give you the insider tips on what our favorite food heroes are cooking up today.

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Antonio Carluccio

Twitter ID @CookCarluccio


The Godfather Of Italian Gastronomy, Antonio Carluccio is a master craftsmen, lover and fine purveyor of the beautiful cuisine of Italy. He has written 13 cookbooks including  ‘ A passion for Pasta‘ and ‘Carluccio’s Complete Italian Food‘ and has been championing Italian culinary delights for over 50 years.

As well as countless Television appearances including the wildly popular ‘Antonio Carluccio’s Sourthern Italian Feast’ Antonio was given  an Italian knighthood in 1998 and in 2007 was awarded an honorary OBE.


Rick Bayless

Twitter ID @Rick_Bayless


American Chef Rick Bayless’s commitment to Mexican food has been described by the New York Times as ‘ the greatest contribution to the Mexican table imaginable’

This busy chef and restaurateur has a number of restaurants in Chicago, has written several cookbooks including ‘Mexico- One plate at a time’ where the PBS show of the same name is well into its fifth season.

A committed ambassador of authentic Mexican cuisine, Rick has been awarded many prestigious awards including ‘Chef of the year’ ‘Humanitarian of the year’ and  recently he went head to head with some of the best celebrities chefs in America on Top Chef where he was awarded the grand prize of Top Chef Master in August 2009.


Jamie Oliver

Twitter ID @jamie_oliver


We are all familiar with the lovely lad from Essex~ Jamie Oliver with the enduring lisp and bee stung bottom lip. When Jamie leaped on to the stage he took being a celebrity chef into a whole new stratosphere.

With a growing restaurant empire,  multiple books, television shows, live stage shows,The Jamie Magazine and a rather spiffy looking website Jamie’s presence on twitter only solidifies his place as one of the hottest and most sort after celebrity chefs on the planet.


Curtis Stone

Twitter ID @curtis_stone


According to People magazine, Curtis Stone is one of the sexist men alive! Hailing from Australia this celebrity chef is barnstorming his way across the US with his popular reality cooking show Take home chef.

Curtis cut his teeth as a young apprentice chef in some of the toughest cooking environments in Europe, having spent some of that time in the kitchen of the legendary Marco Pierre White.

As well as cooking shows, Stone has  written several cookbooks and has developed a Curtis Stone range of kitchen equipment.


Stephanie Alexander

Twitter ID @GrowCookEat


Stephanie Alexander has been at the heart of Australian cuisine since she opened her first restaurant in 1964.

A campaigner for good quality produce from small thoughtful suppliers, she has been instrumental in teaching us ‘down under’ how to eat.

Stephanie’s most popular book The Cooks Companion sits on  many a kitchen shelf as an inspirational bible of culinary terms and endearments. Stephanie is a pioneer of  good food and has been delighting the public for many years with her stylish and delicious creations.

Her latest book Kitchen Garden Companion is an A-Z encyclopedia of how to best use and cook the glorious crops that can be grown from your own kitchen garden. The book coincides with her work with the Kitchen Garden Foundation where their aim is to promote and encourage a pleasurable outdoor food education for young children.


Raymond Blanc

Twitter ID @Raymond_Blanc


Master French Chef Raymond Blanc has been mesmerizing diners of his UK restaurants for over 30 years.

With a slew of Michelin stars, awards, accolades and achievements under his apron strings, Raymond has also found time to write cookery books, star in the highly successful BBC reality cooking series called The Restaurant and operate his own Cooking school.

Self taught Chef Blanc is a firm believer in striving for culinary perfection and is a campaigner for the consumption of healthy food as a core competent to family life. He was Awarded an OBE in 2007 from Her Majesty the Queen  for his services in promoting  culinary excellence.


Andrew Zimmern

Twitter ID @andrewzimmern


Chef, traveler, writer and teacher ~ Andrew Zimmern is in search of crazy and bizarre foods.

Host of the sometimes shocking and always highly entertaining travel/cookery show ‘Bizarre Foods‘ Zimmerman is a man on a mission to track down the unusual.. and eat it. Being the  International spokesperson for Pepto-bismol also helps.

Eating what most people wouldn’t has won him fame and fortune with his first book ‘The Bizarre Truth‘   being  released in September 2009.


Rocco DiSpirito

Twitter ID @roccodispirito


Rocco is a Chef, restaurateur and author hailing from Jamaica in Queens. With a strong Italian family up bringing, Rocco injects  Italian flair into his comfort driven  food creations.

DiSpiritio shot to fame from the kitchen of his 3 star New York City restaurant and since went on to star in the reality show ‘The restaurant’ which won him international stardom.

The author of 5 cookbooks and the receiver of many prestigious awards and accolades for his exciting and genuine brand of cooking.


Cat Cora

Twitter ID @catcora


Cat made television history in 2005 as the first and only female Iron Chef in kitchen stadium on the ever popular Iron Chef America after making her TV debut 6 years earlier on food networks Melting Pot.

Cora has written several cookbooks and also operates a number of restaurants with her latest acquisition being Kouzinna at Walt Disney World.

Cat  loves  sharing her culinary knowledge and was given the honor of ‘Teacher of the year’ from Bon Apetit Magazine to which she also became Executive chef for the same publication.

As well as operating and overseeing her expanding empire, Cat is the founder and president of ‘Chefs for humanity’ which is an alliance of culinary professionals giving humanitarian aid to help reduce hunger across the world.


Luke Mangan

Twitter ID @lukewmangan


Luke Mangan is an Australian boy with an impressive portfolio of restaurants spanning the globe from Tokyo to San Francisco. Chef, Author and television star, Mangan is one of Australia’s best known exports.

Luke is due to release his latest cookbook ‘At home and in the mood’ in November 2009 after successfully releasing his own product range- ‘Luke Managan Providores’

Luke travels constantly to meet the demands of his busy international business interests but still finds time to devote his culinary skills to several charitable organizations including The starlight foundation, The Royal Children’s Hospital and The James Beard Foundation.




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