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How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs in the World. Truly. The fame that surrounds this scrambled egg recipe spreads from one corner of the globe to its significant other. Don’t take my word for it, it has been recognised from New York to London.

A recipe that has stood the test of time including a mere mention in the New York Times as being  “as light as the breath of an angel” and in the London Times as being “the best eggs in the world” .

The same online publication named the humble little  restaurant “bills” where the recipe began its journey of world domination as one of the “7 wonders of the food world” and I was fortunate to once been in charge of its stoves.

I can not take credit for its genius, but as head chef for  Bill Granger , the well known caretaker of this simple yet effective protein setting technique, I can most certainly whip you  up a batch ~ and I could probably do it with my eyes closed.

For a 45-seater restaurant in the heart of leafy Darlinghurst, Sydney Australia, it was not unusual for us to fuel the bellies of 350 patrons on a Saturday morning where they would begin queuing at 7am  for a  taste of the world famous scrambled eggs.

It was once home for breakfast to her royal highness, The Queen of daytime TV Oprah Winfrey, who along with Good Morning America, found it necessary to seek out and discover just what makes these eggs tick.

With a little care and attention, you can create your own Bill Grangers scrambled success at home, with just 3 ingredients, no need for queuing, a nod from “O”  and a gentle nudge.

The 10-min Foodie ~ Best Scrambled Eggs in the World.

Start with a clean bowl and a fork, and break into it 3 large organic free range eggs and 1/3 cup of full cream.

Yes, cream. Not milk, not light cream, not soy milk, not half and half. Pure, unadulterated full bodied cream. So despite risking stating the obvious, this is not an everyday food. It’s treat food at its most special.

Now using  a fork,  whisk  the eggs and cream together until no streaks are visible. It is not necessary at this point to be overly  ferocious  with your whisking as all you are attempting to do is to bring the 3 eggs and the cream harmoniously together  ~ minus the streaks.

Into a non stick pan ~ I can’t not stress the importance of a non stick pan here quite enough ~ Heat  a teaspoon of  butter on a medium-high temperature until the butter melts without browning it.

Once the butter has succumbed, sprinkle in a pinch and a half of of sea salt flakes and allow the salt a few seconds to begin to dissolve before introducing the eggs and cream to the butter and the pan.

Resist the urge at this point to stir the eggs. Allow the eggs 20 or so seconds to begin to set on the bottom of your non stick pan.

Once  a few bubbles begin to surface in the egg, turn the heat down to medium and gently, ever so gently begin to nudge the eggs around the pan ~ moving the cooked egg to allow the uncooked to settle on the base of the pan.

This entire process should take less than a minute, as once the egg has set all way round, invert the egg on to plate and serve immediately with super thick slices of crusty bread and an extra knob of butter for spreading thickly. Enjoy your scrambled egg recipe and let us know how it tastes 😉

Watch this video for my updated version:

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  1. Finally making this for breakfast today, thanks for sharing it Bridget!

  2. Jay Hines said…

    Just made these and they came out great.

  3. mommamayhem said…

    Mmmmmmmm, so good!

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