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As I stood over the remains of the pot of cooked tapioca spooning the last stray bits of starchy bubbles into my mouth, I came to the inspired conclusion that this recipe deserves to be shared.

For reasons of more than physical nourishment and sweet tooth fulfillment, but for reasons of over whelming textural sensations as the tiny pearl drops fill ones mouth. For the near instant gratification where something so luscious can be gently prepared in only 20 minutes and for the exotic flavors in such comforting surroundings.

And did I mention it only costs 45c per serve?

Aromatic star anise photo by FootosVanRobins


120 gms pearl seed tapioca

1.1 Lts milk

100 gms palm sugar

1 cup of water

100gms of brown sugar

2 cinnamon sticks

4 star anise

Serves 6 as dessert

Into a heavy bottomed pot, place the pearl seed tapioca, palm sugar and milk and bring to a simmer ~ stirring occasionally to break up any tapioca lumps that may form.

Allow to simmer gently for 20 minutes with more occasional stirring, whilst you prepare the accompanying syrup.

Stir together the water, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks and star anise in a medium sized pot and bring to a rapid boil. Allow the mixture to bubble and boil until it has thickened to a syrup and reduced by 2/3’s.

The tapioca is ready when the pearls are translucent and tender and the milk has thickened to a custard consistency.

To serve the pudding, spoon tapioca  into small bowls and pour some of the sticky syrup on top.

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