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What inspired you to blog about food?”

Growing up in a small country town in the outback meant dining out options were limited, as was cultural diversity. I knew one Asian person, her name was Anita and she owned the Chinese shop.

Luckily my European mother was a wonderful cook. In our backyard was a vegetable patch and chickens free to roam. My mother educated me about fresh produce and organic food. She was the queen of dinner parties and our kitchen was always filled with mouth-watering aromas.

At 18 I moved to Sydney to pursue my dreams of becoming a writer. Alone, I also discovered an exciting new world of culinary delights. I tried food from all over the world, made friends and was amazed by laksa and rice paper rolls, now staples in my weekly diet.

Four years later, at 22, I found myself not writing but wearing a suit and living the corporate life. It was also around this time I started looking at food differently. I became very fussy about what I ate. I avoided dining out and food became a source of energy for the gym rather than a pleasure of the senses.

In early 2009, in the midst of the GFC, I quit my corporate job, bought a ticket to Europe and left a week later to reconnect with my roots. It was here I fell in love with food again. I remembered what life was all about. Living meant eating and eating meant sharing meals with the people you love.

I visited family I’d never met before in a tiny village north of Athens. Food was such a big part of their lives and they were so happy despite having few of luxuries I took for granted in Sydney. Every meal was an occasion, tables full of delicious food, ancient furniture, bright smiles and belly wobbling laughter.

Food was a sign of love and affection. One evening my aunty started crying at the dinner table because I did not eat meat. It was as though I’d rejected her love. Seeing this level of emotion attached to food made me realize that my happiest memories growing up had all involved food. And yes…that night I ate meat.

I returned to Australia with renewed passion. I moved out of my ‘Bondi Bubble’ and into Darlinghurst, the heart of Sydney’s food scene. I vowed to make the most of every eating experience. The gym will always be there but sharing great food with friends is something you need to capture when you can.

Inspired by this I started a blog called Eat Drink Play to share my foodie experiences. I thought if I shared others would join me. And they did…there’s a huge foodie following out there and blogging made me feel a part of that community.

Searching for ways to connect with food lover’s offline I started Secret Foodies in April 2010. Inspired by guerilla dining in New York and Melbourne I wanted to create an exciting way for people to try new food, visit new places and make new friends. I also wanted the chefs and owners behind the food to get involved and share their passion.

There are enough fabulous cooks and knowledgeable food critics. I don’t pretend to be either. I am merely a facilitator of an environment where people can share their love of food. I want people to experience the same genuine warmth they enjoy when they share meals with friends and family.

There are many things that inspire me to blog about food. This is the beginning of my story and I’m sure there is plenty more to come. You never know what will happen but one thing’s for sure…we all love to eat, drink and play.

Food blogger profile

Website: Eat-Drink-Play and Secret Foodies

Twitter: @MsDarlinghurst

Facebook: Secret Foodies

For Alex Adams, founder of Eat Drink Play and Secret Foodies, food is all about the people you share it with.

Inspired by this idea, Alex looked for ways to connect outside the everyday. With a passion for sharing her inner city lifestyle with like-minded people she set out to create a space for local foodies… and Eat Drink Play was born.

Under the alias of Ms Darlinghurst, Alex began to document her adventures, as she and her friends unearthed Sydney’s hidden gems.

Eager to include others in her culinary escapades, Alex launched Secret Foodies earlier this year. Meeting monthly at surprise venues across Sydney, the ever-changing team of undercover foodies reviews each restaurant while making new friends.

A natural born social butterfly, Alex’s career has spanned writing and public relations to corporate sales. When she’s not blogging and organizing events, you’ll find Alex riding her BMX around Darlinghurst, taking photos and making videos of the weird and wonderful around Sydney’s east.

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