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Jennifer Lam from

and asks her  Just one Question…

“What inspired you to blog about food?”

I blog with hope that readers will drool, crave, discover, eat, appreciate and share. I sort of accidentally stumbled into blogging back before it became a trend and all I wanted to do then was to share my food photos and dining experiences with close friends and family.

I’d always loved eating,  and having a blog meant I could put all my focus into the one publication rather than saying the same thing and sending the same photos to various people via different channels.

I get so much pleasure from a good dining experience that I really wanted others to be able to experience the same delight.

The inspiration behind why I blog about food hasn’t changed over the last four years of blogging, but my audience has – it is so exciting to know that my blog has inspired others to look beyond their regular haunts.

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Twitter: @Jenius

Jennifer is an extremely passionate and driven Gen Yer with business ventures in the marketing, publishing and food industries. She is the editor of food blog, JENIUS: the spectacular culinary adventures of a Sydney Gen-Y; a freelance food writer for such publications as The Coffee Guide; a freelance food and travel photographer, with her work featuring in National Geographic Traveler; a self-published author; and the founder of the I Ate My Way Through series. She also runs her own full service boutique food and hospitality marketing agency, Word Of The Mouth.

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