photo by sporkist

photo by sporkist

Strictly speaking, I became a  masala chai drinker for the most obvious reason… it just tastes really good!

But after a quick look  into the health benefits of drinking chai I was so impressed by the  storehouse of goodness , I just had to blog about it and sing its praises . So do yourself a favour, and sup on a cup of masala chai today!!!

Top 10 Reasons to drink chai…

1. The black tea found in masala chai is high in antioxidants which can help to build and strengthen the immune system and fight off disease.

2. Research has discovered that the black tea in masala chai is one of the most practical cancer preventative foods.

3. Drinking masala chai is good for the heart! The teas  ingredients have been found to thin the blood, relax blood vessels and even lower cholesterol.

4. Cardamom, which is part of the spice mix in masala chai can help treat depression AND  is an excellent breath freshener- So instead of reaching for a tic tac, sip on a cup of chai.

5. Masala chai is rich in cinnamon and cinnamon is a wonder spice that helps to stimulate other spices in your body to work. It also  aids in the digestion of milk, fruit and other dairy products.

6. Feeling a little flat? The cloves in  masala chai are said to invigorate the body and help relieve the symptoms of colds and flu’s.

7. Chai is a great drink for pregnant women! If your suffering from morning sickness, masala chai can help to relieve the symptoms of nausea.

8.  Some of the ingredients found in  masala chai are natural antiinflammatories.

9. Chai is great for maintaining a healthy digestive system. If your having digestive problems, masala chai works to relieve the symptoms but it also works on preventing them as well!

10. Drink Chai because it tastes good!!! Masala chai has a fabulous multi layered flavour that warms you as well as satisfies the taste buds. The spices are subtle to start and rather pronounced as they finish, leaving you with a great creamy mouth feel. This , I have to say is my TOP reason for drinking Chai!!

Recipe Link—> The Art of Chai… Bridget’s Ultimate Masala Chai Recipe.




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