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Emma Stirling from

and asks her  Just one Question…

“What inspired you to blog about food?”

Just one question can be answered by just one sentence.  My lifelong love affair with food.

Oh you want me to expand?  I thought it was obvious.  When you have a love affair with food you simply dream up new ways to weave it into your day.  But I soon discovered in my teen years that you could have too much of a good thing.  Coupled with an aptitude for health science and growing up multicultural in marvelous Melbourne, my career path was mapped out from an early age.  People have some really inaccurate perceptions of what dietitians do.  We are not the food cops and fundamentally believe that foods should not be labeled good or bad.  We embrace the same philosophy as chefs and foodies – keep it high quality, fresh, close to the source and delicious.  Dietitians are just the lucky ones with 5 years of university under our belts and a continuing professional development program, which guides us how to have our cake and eat it too.

There are so many reasons I felt compelled to blog:

Clear nutrition confusion

–          There’s too much nutrition confusion and urban myths that need setting straight.  When an inaccurate or hot news story hits I can post immediately and not wait for the 6month lead time for a magazine article.  And with the power of social media I can band together with international colleagues to promote the same key messages.  Check out my Nutrition News background piece on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and his inspiring TED video speech launching this week on Australian Network Ten (July 16, 2010).

Spice up variety

–          I’m interested in a range of nutrition topics, like sustainable food, that does not always get the column inches in mainstream media.  I’m also passionate about culinary nutrition and my belief is that the worlds of chefs and dietitians should merge and mingle more. We can respect each other’s veggie patch and still work collectively to better the future of food and health.  You can read more of my philosophy in this Kitchen Klinic post – Back to the future with Chef Andoni Anduriz

Give power to the peeps

–          I’m fascinated by social media as a way to amplify the voice of the little guy and forge powerful community connections.  There are only 4000 dietitians in Australia.  We may be a tiny profession but we have a big voice and loads to say.  So I’ve always been drawn to strategic ways to communicate and have years of experience with nutrition marketing and health promotion campaigns. I’m a lover of community, sharing and networking.  I believe that to truly be successful as a blogger and on social media you need to “pay it forward”.  The Scoop on Nutrition aims to give a voice to upcoming dietitians or those that may not have the means to tell their news or story.  An example is one of our guest experts, new graduate dietitian Frances Gilham APD who is fast becoming a very competent researcher and writer.   You will love her recent nutrition review of Coconut Water in our Food Flash category.

But most of all I love the interaction with fellow foodies and health nuts, like the generous and knowledgeable Bridget.  And the learning.  The lifelong act of falling in love with food again, each new day.

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Emma Stirling is an accredited practising dietitian (APD) with over 17 years experience.  She currently works as a nutrition writer and consultant for the food and communication industries.  And as editor / creator of the brand new blog – The Scoop on Nutrition.

During her early career Emma worked in Hong Kong for the BBC World News channel and today, she utilises her skills as media spokesperson and nutrition writer for consumer and health professional media.  This includes her role as Nutrition Editor of Weight Watchers magazine and regular contributor to other titles including Good Health, Better Homes and Gardens and Diabetic Living magazines.  She has collaborated on a number of books including Enjoy Too, which was short listed for a World Cookbook Fair award for best health cookbook.   As well as Let’s Eat Right for Kids, winner of the 2006 Food Media Club Award for Best Nutrition Writing.

Emma maintains a high level of professional development, being a member of various nutrition-related organisations including the Dietitians Association of Australia, Nutrition Australia and the Australian Medical Writers Association.   Emma holds a Masters of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Deakin University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry and Physiology from The University of Melbourne, Australia.

Passionate about getting kids in the kitchen, Emma is often found wiping food off the floor after another one of Miss 8’s or Master 5’s recipe adventures or regional road trips.

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  1. rebeccca said…

    great interview love Emma and love your site Rebecca

    • Bridget said…

      Thank you Rebecca!!

      You can stay in touch via Facebook or Twitter. Im @bridget_cooks.

      Swing by and stay hi ;-))

      Talk soon.

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