photo by box of lettuce

photo by box of lettuce

Recipe collecting twitter style…

Sitting at the computer for any length of time can be a hungry prospect, especially if you’ve got tweetdeck open and your watching all the recipe posts come rolling in one after another. I’ve opened so many recipe posts over the last couple of weeks that I sense a tingling of RSI of my mouse clicking index finger setting in…

In between my countless clicking and surfing multiple websites, I amassed a huge collection of bookmarked recipes which has prompted me to collate my top favourite recipes together onto one page so you didn’t have to overwork that mouse clicking digit of yours.

Criteria for making the top 15 recipe posts involved the following:

– the recipe had to be tweeted by someone on twitter

– the recipe had to be re-tweeted on Twitter

– the recipe is fun, fantastic, easy on the eye, well written and interesting.

Also a great photo was definitely an advantage as we all like to eat with our eyes!!

Unfortunately, I can’t vouch for the recipe correctness as I haven’t tried them all out, but what I can say is- if you try it and it doesn’t work, let the person who wrote it know! They will be grateful for the positive feedback.

If you try it and YOU LOVE IT, herald that ‘cooks’ and your success!

Happy reading, successful cooking and delicous eating!

The envelope please….

The Orlando Examiner-   Stuffed Italian toast with citrus mascarpone

Not Quite Nigella-   Banana caramel cobbler- ugly but delicious

The New York Times-    Sonia’s phyllo and feta torte with dill and nutmeg

BitterSweet-   Gluten-free Passover friendly brownie

CarribbeanPot-  Jerk baby back ribs on the grill or oven

BerlinKitchen-   Almond cake

Fabulous Foods-   Kulich-Russian Easter bread

Serious Eats-    Meat lite: Portobello burgers with crispy prosciutto and arugula mayo

Baking Bites-   Homemade girl scout cookies: Samoas

Home of Cooking Fans-  Beijing roast duck

SmittenKitchen-  Chocolate caramel crack(ers)

The Hungry Mouse-  Basic cooking: The secert to perfectly cooked hard- boiled eggs

What’s cooking? Kayotic Kitchen-  Egg pie

VegCookingBlog-  Perfect tofu

Eating out loud-   Mexican Jicama-pineapple salad

I’d like to say a special thanks to all of the bloggers that made my favourite picks list.

Thanks for keeping us inspired, salivating and well feed!!

Think I missed someone out?  Please feel free to email me at ‘<bridget (at) theinternetchef dot biz> or tweet me  at @bridget_cooks on Twitter.



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  1. Thankyou so much for featuring me Bridget! 🙂 There are some great recipes in that list!

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