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and asks her  Just one Question…

“What inspired you to blog about food?”

Food is such an important ingredient in our lives. Being born and raised in Singapore, I was very fortunate to be able to enjoy all the hawker-style food available there.

Finding the best teh tarik, roti prata or fish head curry is a favourite weekend pastime that both my Dad and I enjoy. Even though my mum isn’t such an adventurous cook, she is an extremely adventurous eater, always trying new foods and different cuisines. Both of us are always on the lookout for new things to try.  And I will never forget the short period of precious time that I spent with my grandma in her tiny kitchen where she whipped up many delicious Nyonya dishes.

So why a food blog? I thought it will be a great vehicle to document our lives and gastronomic journey. After much encouragement from my partner, Jeroxie (Addictive & Consuming) was born. The blog was a great way to share these moments with our family and friends, both old and new.

After a year of blogging, I have made numerous good friends, met and connected with many humble and kind people. The knowledge acquired along the way is icing on the cake.  It has definitely opened my eyes of what can and will be.

Food blogger profile

I am a project manager in a digital agency by day. I love my day job but prefer to be in the kitchen, markets and amongst food all day. My weekend schedule is always packed with food/drink related activities.

I love visiting farmers’ markets and finding great local produce. I love the aroma of a hard working kitchen. The spices, the herbs, the pounding or grinding sound of the mortar and pestle. I love to show off exciting produce and ingredients to passionistas. In pursue of learning different techniques and cultures from food bloggers around the world, International Incident Party ( was founded. It is a monthly themed based event that allows food bloggers to showcase their skills, culture and creativity.

I love eating out and sharing our dining experiences with fellow food lovers. We have a done a couple of crazy journeys. We hoovered through 19 bowls of ramen with 7 others in one afternoon, searching for the best bowl in Melbourne. Just recently, I co-hosted a blind tasting event and ate banh mi from 11 different places to find the best in Melbourne. And now, we are scouring Melbourne for restaurants that serve duck banquets.

I love to travel, and when I do, more photos are taken of food and drinks than castles and temples. I feel that more knowledge is acquired through eating and drinking than reading history from a book. The more I travel, the more I discover that I don’t know and the more I want to carry on this journey.

Jeroxie ( has become an invaluable repository for our stories, triumphs and failures in the kitchen, as well as eating and travel experiences. If you are in Melbourne and love to join us in our food adventures, please do drop me a note.

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  1. Here here Penny! I really agree on all points and chuckled when you take more photos of food on holiday. Guilty as charged. Great JOQ Bridget and Mahei! Penny is such a lovely gal! 🙂

  2. Thanks to Bridget and Mahei for asking. I was so happy that I did a little dance 🙂

  3. Sanjana said…

    Fantastic! Great learning more about you Penny! See, that 'shameless plug' on your blog was well worth it and much appreciated! 🙂

  4. deeba said…

    Yay to see you JOQ Jenny … love it! Absolutely!

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