Food media professionals, time is running out to get your entries in if you want to be considered for  the

2010 Australian Food Media Awards.

From the Margaret Fulton Award for recognisnig the best recipe for a  family meal to the best cookery book by a Chef or restaurant, the awards this year are guaranteed to deliver with so many fabulous personalities producing  work of exceptional quality.

For the first time in its illustrious history, the Biennial Food Media awards have opened up their arms and embraced the world of the food blogger with the Australian  Pork sponsored Food blog category.

The new media journalists that are Food bloggers and micro-bloggers have had a tough time convincing some of those in traditional media that we mean business, but with some Australian-based food blogs getting more traffic than some of the online versions of well known food magazines, there is no denying that we are here and we are here to stay.

The recognition that has been bought to the realm of the food blogger through awards like this is doing wonders to bridge the gap between the old and the new, and is a wonderful opportunity for bloggers to showcase their many talents.

If you haven’t entered yet, you have until the afternoon of Thursday 22nd July to do so.

Australia Food Media Awards 2010 ~ Enter Here

Best Food Blog Category

Open to an Australian website log (blog) that is publicly accessible on the “world wide web” (www) and which primarily informs on the subject(s) of food or food and beverages, including – but not restricted to – dissemination of recipes, cooking tips and/or instruction, personal experiences and restaurant reviews. The information in the blog should be interesting, accurate and fair.

What the judges will look for:

  • Originality of content
  • Engagement with the community (comments, Twitter)
  • Quality of writing and photography
  • Website design and its usability (content is easily searchable)




  1. i think your blog will be one of the best contenders for this award if you’re entering. 🙂

  2. Cate Pearce said…

    I hope you’re entered Bridget, you’ll certainly win and celebrate by making me a chocolate dessert 🙂

  3. Bridget said…

    @Simon ~ the door is open for the fastest blogger to get his blog on!! Go Simon!

    @Cate ~ I wish you were a judge, I could bribe you with chocolate pudding. But sadly know, I've decided to give it a miss this year. Will wait to my blog is smooooth and silky like chocolate!!

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