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and asks him Just one Question…

What inspired you to blog about food?”

A general interest in food and the colourful personalities involved, I find food is a fantastic indicator of personality, history and culture.

It’s ever changing but still steeped in tradition.

In short it’s just bloody interesting, good fun and educating and makes me feel good (especially eating). So no way better to reach these people than online and bring them together, whose making Labne, whose opening an Asian inspired restaurant, whose roasting outstanding coffee or producing wonderful free range chicken

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Website: and

Twitter: @foodienz

Facebook: Antony Suvalko

Antony Suvalko has combined unlikely passions for cooking, technology and non-traditional media to become one of a new breed of dynamic food marketers.  His is a unique approach, best summed up by a belief that “business needs to relax, lighten up and embrace new ways of communicating.”

A Whangarei boy, Antonys’ background is a diverse one.  He has over 15 years hands-on business experience, including the running of his own successful catering company, Crave Cuisine, which serviced high-end corporate clients.  Between cooking gigs Antony studied accountancy and economics and worked as the Business Development Manager for illycaffe. His time with illycaffe gave him valuable exposure to the international market and the opportunity to make considerable contributions to their brand expansion in the Pacific region.

More recently, Antony has been busy launching his brainchild Inspired by the exciting possibilities of social networking, is poised to become the interactive go-to site for New Zealand food enthusiasts, food businesses and food professionals wanting up-to-the-moment information, recipes, news and discussion about all things culinary. “My goal for is for it to become an online food community where producers, business owners of all sizes plus lovers of food all have a platform to communicate”.

Antony is never one to stay idle and now brings the same outside-the-box thinking to A fully interactive e-commerce site is where consumers can buy genuine export-quality & ethically produced meat, in short “know the producers” access recipes, blogs, enter competitions and contribute their own content and feedback.

Antony lives in Auckland with his fab family, a cool but very stupid dog, and a stupid but extremely uncool cat.

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