The Internet Chef Talks to Deeba Rajpal from “Passionate About Baking”

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What inspired you to blog about food?”

‘PASSIONATE ABOUT BAKING’…and that’s what I am!! Time on hand, and breathtakingly beautiful food photography at food blogs like Canelle Et VanilleLa Tartine Gourmande inspired me to begin food blogging. Been baking at home for over 10 years, and enjoy it more and more each passing day. It’s challenging, inspirational, creative and therapeutic. My blog has pictures and recipes of my fun in the kitchen, and a few bits and pieces about other stuff I enjoy – nature, art, photography, props, travel….

I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mother), or rather, a “Domestic Engineer” as the newly updated lexicon glorifies us mere mortals to be, with two lovely kids. My passions in life are baking, cooking, nature, art and photography. It’s mainly about FOOD as an art. My mantra…‘Do It From Scratch’ which must taste as good as it looks, and be healthy too! Not a very experimental eater, but I seem to be developing a knack for experimental cooking!

My family enjoys good food, and this gives me some therapeutic stuff to do. A die hard foodie, I love exploring new ingredients and cuisines, and sing the ‘locavore’ anthem.

I live in Gurgaon, a city in the suburbs of New Delhi, India, and began blogging in August 2007 when I timidly stepped into this new world. Slowly, but surely, blogging took over my life, and has changed it completely. There’s been no looking back!! It’s therapeutic, it’s exciting, & it throws up new flavours every single day. The challenge lies greatly in trying to try recipes with substitutes as baking is not widespread in India, and ingredients are hard to come by. My current passion is making as well as developing recipes that use fruit in desserts.

Food styling is something I absolutely adore. Mr. PAB has just got me a new camera, a Canon EOS 50D, which I am exploring. I’ve recently begun writing an online baking blog for the Times of India, one of India’s largest newspapers. You can find me here under the name The Rabid Baker {rabid: (adj) marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea}. I also write on a freelance basis, do cookbook and product reviews, and sometimes carry out recipe testings on request, and dream of writing a baking book one day!

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Deeba Rajpal’s passions in life are baking, cooking, nature, art and photography. She has two kids, a daughter who is 14, and a son who is 11, both foodies through and through. Her better half is her greatest critic, and the motivation for her culinary adventures in her kitchen in India! Photography, nature, art, travel, macarons, food styling & recipe development are her other interests.

{All Deeba’s work is under copyright ©. Please feel free to ask her if you would like to use it.}

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  1. Love her site! She is a talented baker for sure. 🙂 Glad that she is on JOQ! Awesome pick 🙂

  2. Anna Johnston said…

    Me too. Love her site as well!

  3. deeba said…

    Thank you for featuring me Bridget … gracias!

    • Bridget said…

      You're most welcome Deeba!

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. I'm sure you inspired many.

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