The Internet Chef Talks to Christie Connelly from

“Fig and Cherry”

and asks her Just One Question…

What inspired you to blog about food?”

Two words – my hubby! He’s a web developer and he designed and built my blog for me in June 2007. Then he kept coaxing me to put my first post up – which took me until December 3rd 2007 – talk about procrastination! Once I got going there was no stopping me though, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’m also fortunate to have had a very multicultural upbringing with two grandmothers, one Lebanese, one Hungarian, who were both incredible cooks. They never taught me any specific recipes, but just being surrounded by their passion for food in their respective cultures was very inspiring. Not to mention a delicious experience.

My next big adventure will be to create delectable, organic baby food for my little girl who is due in November. I’m looking forward to pleasing one of my toughest critics, I’m sure!

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Christie is a self-taught and health-conscious cook who lives in Sydney. She’s always searching for new and exotic flavours and has travelled all over the world in pursuit of the perfect meal, including: Barcelona, Tokyo, Bangkok, New York and Istanbul… with Mallorca and Hong Kong next on the list.

Fig and Cherry allows her to express her love of cooking, eating, photography and travel. Through the blog, she has been lucky enough to meet amazing chefs such as Tetsuya Wakuda and work with brands like Electrolux, Bessemer and Sunbeam.

The name Fig and Cherry is strongly marinated in history; reflecting her family heritage of Hungarian and Lebanese cultures. Figs are often used in Mediterranean cooking and simply devoured fresh from the tree. Cherries, particularly sour ones, play an integral part in delicious Hungarian desserts, such as strudels and crêpes.

Christie is a very busy woman. She also owns the online marketing agency, Morning Copy, and has a baby due in November 2010! She’ll be launching another blog in September that will feature stories, reviews and competitions about pregnancy and motherhood.

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  1. Christie is inspiration – of culinary and personal proportions! Wonderful JOQ! Mwah! xx

  2. i always wondered where the Fig & Cherry name came from and now i do 🙂

  3. Christie is a champion! I "met" her a few years ago and when we physically met she was even nicer. I also love a lot of her recipes! Great profile!

    • Bridget said…

      Such a beautiful profile from a beautiful lady! Cant wait to meet baby Fig soon : )

  4. Thanks for the interview Bridget! I love this series!

    Thanks also to my lovely blogger friends for your comments, you're wonderful 😉

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