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Twitter is fast becoming one of the most powerful Internet tools since Google first hurtled down the information highway.

Virtual communities are being constructed, leaders are being elected and ‘tweeters’ are  micro-discussing anything from Ashton Kutcher’s million follower race to how to get red wine stains out of the carpet, and all  in real time.

The power of Twitter is unprecedented  and the help it can give us in our every day lives we are only just starting to discover.

The world of the food enthusiast is just one of the many fast growing communities  bursting at the seams with creative and inspiring individuals who want to share their knowledge, expertise and passion. By  tapping into this great resource and  enthusiasm, you can help your dining habits immensely.

Listed below are the most powerful ways that twitter can help you eat better…

1. Follow foodies

Okay, so I decided to start the list with a fairly obvious way that twitter can help you eat better.. not ground breaking news I know, but none the less very important and why I have placed it at the top of my list.

Foodie tweeters tend to start their twitter day with a description of what they had for breakfast, lunch or dinner, where they’ve eaten recently or what there currently craving. That in itself can be enough inspiration to get you off your chair and into the kitchen!

A lot of foodie tweeters also have food blogs… need I say more?

You can begin  your foodie follow collection by clicking  on the twitter graphic above which will take you directly to my twitter homepage or you could try clicking on these  foodies or another helpful search is this link for chefs.

2. Subscribe to Food Blogs

Once you are following some fantastic foodie’s, subscribe to their blogs! Don’t just click on their site and then bookmark it to a dark corner of your desktop, subscribe and receive post updates as soon as they publish them.

There are a lot of great food blogs out there and having them as friends on twitter means you can get instant access to the author for motivational talks in 140 characters!


If you see this symbol in any blog, simply click on it and it will give you a list of options on how you wish to receive the latest posts from that author.

3. Follow Foodies by Locality

Food types that you find in twitterville are always EATING and wanting to discuss their latest meal acquisition.

As well as the creations that adorn their dining table they are also constantly bubbling about meals they have eaten around town. It could be from a restaurant they have dined at for the first time or a tried and true local favourite.

What better way to get the insider information about your town OR a town you plan on visiting. Within a few clicks you will know the best place for an an authentic laksa or the most romantic spot for wining and dining your someone special.

Try checking out  GeoFollow and locate food tweeters within a specific location.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Ask.. What’s Everyone Eating for Dinner Tonight?

You can easily get a foodie to indulge in their passion by asking the right questions.

Throwing a few questions like “Whats for dinner everyone?” into the  twitter stream  could get you a flood of replies like slow poached salmon on banana leaves or barbecued baby back ribs to whet your appetite. This could be just the injection that your hunger needs to start getting you creative!

Don’t forget to try questions like “I’m looking for somewhere cheap, cheerful and delicious to eat tonight. Any recommendations?”  or ” Does anyone have a recipe for….?” then wait for a kind tweeter to give you some direction. You will be surprised at how helpful people within the Twitter foodie community are.

5. Clicking on the Recipe Links.

Once you are following a few foodist’s on Twitter,   recipes links will begin to appear in your tweet stream. Clicking on the links could spark and inspire your next dinner party or luncheon.

I open hundreds of recipes every week and I decided to do all the hard work for you by developing another helpful Twitter food resource  which is The Weekly Top 15 Recipe Posts on Twitter .

Subscribe to my RSS feed and follow me on Twitter to receive these tips every week.

But there’s something to be said for opening and searching the links as well, something quite “hunter and gatherer ” and by all accounts, the  ‘flicking  through’ of  recipe books  of  the 2000’s.

And if you find a great recipe post-  please retweet (RT) and share it so as many people as possible can experience the little gem that you have just discovered.


When you see this symbol at the bottom of a blog, clicking on it will give you even more options on how to share the latest information  including a fabulous little  email option that can direct the recipe into the inboxes of your favourite contacts.

These sharing tools are your smorgasbord of choices to fill your virtual belly with the latest information from me and other foodies. From Email to Twitter to Facebook to DIGG and other information aggregators, simply choose your method of delivery.

Like @Iconic88 says on Twitter, “Twitter Success = Sharing, Caring, Retweeting, Being yourself, Being Positive & with a dash of humor”. Follow this recipe for Twitter Success and watch your following grow as well as your catchment of new food inspirations.

As a side note and one that is well worthy of an honorable mention in this great Twitter list is… Please give your favourite foodies feedback!

We love the opportunity to share and discuss your experiences with you whether it be a recipe of yours or ours that you have tried or a restaurant recommendation.

Feedback is  constructive and healthy and a great way to ensures that we all grow together from the experience. Like they say, every day is a school day and we all have something to share and learn from each other.

Don’t be shy to leave a comment on this blog. All comments are welcome.

So happy eating and let me know how you get on!




  1. Reemski said…

    Nice work Bridget! Going to bake modification of Bill's Dried Cherry and Apple bread today. My version is choc-banana!

  2. Bridget said…

    Hi Darling… Yumyum to that!! Bill also has a banana choc bread recipe that is delish- I like to swap shredded coconut for the chocolate which results in the most moist banana bread you have ever…..I'm drooling…!!

    Happy cooking.

    Love Bridge.

  3. Hi Bridget,

    Nice post. I have to put some of your advices into practice. I have bookmarked the post about the ANZAC biscuits and will try to bake them soon!


    Stephanie (FunkySteph)

  4. Superb, what a website it is! This website presents useful facts to us,
    keep it up.

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