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What inspired you to blog about champagne?”

Within 24 hours of arriving in France, aged 15, I was smitten by practically everything I could see, smell, touch and taste. If you grow up on a diet of comfort food and chocolate and then someone suddenly offers you frog legs and snails in garlic all washed down with a glass of champagne (all explained in a foreign language), it’s not just exotic, it’s a complete culture shock.

Lucky for me, my pen pal’s father was a hotelier, skilled in the art of food and wine matching, and he decided on the spot to educate me. Three weeks later, I had fallen in love (for life) with all things French, but most particularly champagne.

When I finished my French studies and entered the world of magazines as a media cadet during the “Absolutely Fabulous” 1990s period in publishing, I was lucky enough to enter also the exotic world of the corporate credit card. Naturally, I was delighted to be given the job of wining and dining clients around London, New York, San Francisco, Monte Carlo and Bermuda, sharing many different champagnes.

Along the way, I hosted many celebrated corporate champagne networking evenings at various international conferences and ran a regular international risk management community champagne supper club in Knightsbridge, London, until I finally settled in Sydney, Australia.

For me, discovering French cuisine and wine awakened all my senses in youth and this heady combination has never failed to entrance my palate. Complex dishes lovingly prepared with clever and subtle flavour combinations, often with sauces designed to delight and exult all the senses remind me of seductive French female stars like Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.

When French haute cuisine is teased and tempered with Asian influences and cooking techniques, I find that Australia and New Zealand’s talented chefs are able to create the most incredibly refined soul food, which just lets the produce sing. I was very fortunate to learn in my youth that champagne, above all other wines, is the best match for food, because it has so many flavour components to play with. Naturally, when you match champagne with food, you also elevate the whole experience to a completely different level, which is why I love to help people celebrate this sensory journey with confidence. After all, champagne connects all of us to life’s most celebrated memories, n’est-ce pas?

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Blond, bubbly and irrepressibly cheerful, just like her favourite beverage, Champagne Jayne is a gregarious host and a passionate champagne evangelist, dedicated to helping both private and corporate clients uncork more passion, performance and pleasure in life. She is a sought-after speaker, writer and special event presenter, renowned for her ability to design and deliver scintillating relationship building functions for Australia’s Top 100 companies and de-mystify champagne for any audience. Her first book entitled Champagne Behind the Bubbles will be published in Australia in March 2011.

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  1. Go Jayne – you're the ultimate Champagne expert (and I'm so glad you're smitten with all things French, my dear!!)

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