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What inspired you to write about food?”

In the very beginning, it was actually taking boring old dinosaur mac n cheese and changing it, adding things, reworking it and making it into something tasty. I love sharing my experiences involving food and the food industry. It’s fun and rewarding to connect people and share something I love with others.

What inspired the magazine was the cake designed for my by adriano zumbo “through the looking glass Jessica rabbit”

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I am a 23 year old with a passion for food, people and connecting the two. My (some would say “varied”, others would say “confused”) background is in a ballet school in America, studying inorganic chemistry at university (but spending most of my time in the cooking school instead..) then events management, media, marketing and (for no apparent reason) flight attending after I ran away to Australia at age 17.

Early in 2010 I started a publication called GourmetRabbit which gives a voice to those who are working in the food and hospitality industry. We print a collectors edition book once a year and publish monthly online at Never one to be found sitting still I also contract to restaurants and companies along with the lovely Miss Spicy Icecream (my art director, Lisa Manche) to provide graphic design and tailored connective media strategy. Oh yea and I’m going to be on a tv show on SBS next year, I love dark chocolate, the colour purple (royal purple) and my dog, a rescued papillon named Fizzgig.

If I could give one piece of advice to everyone out there it is: do the best for yourself, and the group, and you will succeed.

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