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“Food is love. What’s one family dish from your childhood that holds a special place in your heart?”

YES! Food=love to me.

Eating for me means happy times. I came from a large Italian family on my Mom’s side, and a tiny Italian one of my Dad’s side, but non-the-less, they both offered this everything from scratch foodie haven.

I had gourmet dueling grandmothers who would cook all day long. My Mom’s side were known for the heavier sauces and meatballs, my Dad’s side, the Northern Abruzzi area, best at creating chicken based lighter sauces. Needless to say, holidays were about passing bowls of pasta dishes to 30 or so family members and friends. It was time for celebration.

Braided bread, homemade lasagna, hand rolled pastas, biscotti, and Pizzelles- delicate lace like cookie with flavors of vanilla, orange and anise are my favorite.

And, mostacholi which is what we call it- most people know it as penne pasta. My Grandma would hand roll each one so delicately, then create this light tomato and basil sauce to pour on top.

Those are my favorite memories, watching my Nonna Lucia in the kitchen with her rolling pins, smelling of Jean Nate perfume and flour. Then sitting down at the table for her quick wit, heavy Italian accent, and of course her amazing homemade pasta.

Something special was given to me by my father, when Nonna passed,  her rolling pins, which I cherish to this day.

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Stefanie Michaels, known to legions of fans as “Adventure Girl®,” has carved a unique niche in the world of travel and entertainment.  Her website,, has been utilized by millions looking for tips on exciting places to visit, be it sleeping in an Ice Hotel in Reykjavík, Iceland, swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas, or tapping into the chicest eco-friendly destinations in travel today.

But with almost 1.5 million followers (and growing) on Twitter ( it’s her status as one of Twitter’s “Top Global 100” and “Top 50 Tweeple to Follow” that has really accentuated her reach to fans and travelers around the globe, cementing her reputation as the go-to girl for everything travel, and then some.   Her staggering number of followers is also the reason companies from every facet of the global travel industry – from international resorts to socially conscious charities and events – are clamoring to have her experience what they have to offer first-hand in the hopes she will report about their unique qualities, offers and opportunities to her legion of loyal followers.

Michaels’ meteoric rise on Twitter has been highlighted by some of the most influential press outlets in the world, including Vanity Fair Magazine (February 2010), dubbing her “America’s Tweetheart,” TIME Magazine (May 2010), CNN (“5 Twitter Stars You’ve Never Heard Of”) and (Aug. 2010) who touted Michaels as #1 in their list of the “20 Best-Branded Women on Online.”

A sought-after spokesperson in the media, Michaels is the travel expert for Travel + Escape Channel’s “UberGuide” series, with regular appearances as the social media/travel expert for E! Entertainment’s “That Morning Show” and the eco-travel expert for Discovery’s “Planet Green.” She garnered the coveted spot as the green lifestyle expert for The Huffington Post, and has been an expert travel reporter on CNN and FOX News, with continuous television show appearances across the US, most recently on a two-part technology segment for “The Rachael Ray Show” and celebrity guest for Al Roker’s ”Morning Show.”  In addition to her on-camera appearances, Michaels has been frequently quoted in press outlets including the The New York Times and  In addition, her travel pieces have appeared in magazines and online outlets across the globe including Affluent Worldwide, Elite Traveler, Self, People Magazine and Access

In addition to reporting on the most recent developments and innovations in travel, recommending must-have travel apps and giving honest and valuable travel tips and advice, Michaels utilizes the reach she has to her many followers on Twitter to help promote causes and events that are important to her. She is one of the new media luminaries named to the United Nations Social Media Envoy Group, including Bill Gates, Aston Kutcher, Larry King and Gen. Colin Powell, tasked with inspiring and activating social media audiences in support of malaria control, and helping to raise funds for 50 million mosquito bed nets in Africa to help eradicate malaria. In addition, Michaels launched, in conjunction with the International Children’s medical charity Operation Smile, the “140 Smiles (in 140 characters)” campaign, to unite the Twitter community to help raise funds for 140 underprivileged children to get life-changing surgeries to correct facial deformities.  As the official Twitter Smile Ambassador, she is committed to helping spread the word about the groundbreaking work Operation Smile performs.

The past year alone has been indicative of Michaels’ exciting and varied adventures as she defied gravity (tapping into a dream of one day traveling to space) when she, along with astronaut Buzz Aldrin, participated in the inaugural flight of Las Vegas’ ZERO G, an airplane ride that lets passengers experience zero gravity, and hit the ocean’s depths to swim with black-tip and lemon sharks in the waters of Oceana.

Michaels’ work as an author is equally exciting.  Her book Adventure Girl’s Guide to Adventure Travel…without Breaking a Nail was last year and upcoming books will feature the next editions in her Adventure Girl’s Guide series.

Michaels’ passion for travel started when her parents took her on her first flight at six-months of age.  Little did those friendly skies know what they were in for. She has since traveled extensively both for business and pleasure.  It has always been about adventure for Michaels, who embodies the spirit of her greatest heroine, Amelia Earhart, and lives by Earhart’s mantra:  “If someone asks you on an adventure, never refuse.”

A Los Angeles native, Michaels began working in commercials at the age of three. Her love for acting was overshadowed by her self proclaimed “geekiness”.

E-mail was the new means of communication in the nascent internet years and, it turns out, the ideal medium for Michaels.  She became an online tour guide for fans who wanted to keep track of her travels. Michaels created Travel Partners, a web site where she kept a photo journal of her excursions. The site became a go to destination for fans, and in 2001 Michaels hosted an online travel show, “Adventures with Adventure Girl.”  Visitors to the site entered online contests to win dream adventures with Stefanie Michaels, film crew in tow.

Michaels, who calls the world her home, resides in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband and a houseful of rescued pets, currently talied at five dogs and three cats.  She attended UCLA’s journalism program, is a member of Boston University’s Archeological Institute of America, The North American Travel Journalists Association, The Society of Professional Journalists, Screen Actors Guild, and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

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    Ok! A lot of these infestations are definitely bothersome. Thank goodness, they can be done away with.

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    Man, my grandmother was from Sicily and she made the most amazing meatballs I ever tasted, like you had died and gone to meatball heaven. Sadly, she died last year and she didnt leave a single recipe for us so I’ve been trying to figure it out by myself… slowly working my through the meatball recipes here, I still cant figure out what her secret ingredient was though!!!

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