photo by mel b

photo by mel b

After another week of mass clicking and opening of recipe links, I am proud to present you with another installment of The Weekly Top 15 Recipe Posts on Twitter- that you just have to know!

I’m very excited about this weeks round up of great offerings and have included a few recipes in there that while you may not  be able to eat them, they sure are worth adding to your repertoire.

Thanks to all of you who sent in your recommendations and it’s not to late  to get in your suggestions  for next week! You can send me a message on twitter with the recipe link or email me with your details on bridget (at) theinternetchef (dot) com

If you missed last weeks recipe roundup.. here it is!

The Envelope please…

The stone soup-   Easy peasy raspberry gelato

Hugging the coast-   A trio of coleslaws

The nourishing gourmet-   Home made coconut milk

Gourmeted-   Green cleaning your kitchen and workspace   Grilled cheesecake

Gourmet traveller-   Beef mushroom and red wine pie

Two peas and their pod-    Black bottom coconut bars

A good appetite-   Crockpot shredded beef sandwich

The curious blogquat-   The ultimate peanut butter pie

Ezra pound cake-   Brownie pudding

The duo dishes-   Triple citrus cake

Chocolate and zucchini-   Yogurt scones

Smitten kitchen-   Pineapple upside down cake

The jewels of New York-   Caramelized fennel and tomato flatbread

Palachinka-   Amuse bouche




  1. The Duo Dishes said…

    Thanks again for including us!

  2. Stephanie said…

    Hi Bridget,
    Nice post. Yummy… I was wondering if you could give me references of the book pictured?
    Kind Regards,
    Steph (FunkySteph on Twitter)

  3. Bridget said…

    Hey Steph!

    Wish I could tell you but it was a photo I got from

    Are youwanting a pancake recipe?? : )

    Love, Bridge

  4. Wow1 Thanks so much for including our trio of coleslaws on this list as I'm a regular reader of most of the other food blogs you mention.

  5. Stephanie said…

    Hi Bridget,

    Yes I am lookking for a pancake receipe. But I am also looking for a book with classical/basic/unmissable cooking receipes….

    Thanks and Regards,


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