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“Food is love. What’s one family dish from your childhood that holds a special place in your heart?”

The one family dish that is engraved into my DNA is a local dish from the region of Puglia called Panzerotti. This is a dish my grandmother “Nella” would prepare for birthday parties and she would be in the kitchen for hours to prepare the laborious dish for the entire family. It is one of those dishes that everyone adores as it is incredibly tasty and can be eaten with the hands, so kids love it too! As a child I was always excited when it was my birthday as I knew this would be on the menu. Unfortunately my grandmother, who was a wonderful cook, passed away a few years back. But I did manage to steal a few of her signature dishes, this being one of my favorites. Every now and then when I feel like some intense kitchen labor I prepare this dish and invite friends over. Everyone loves it and it is always a feast accompanied with some great red wine. A dish that I hope will remain in the family for the next generations to come, as an ode to my grandmother.

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Thomas Marzano is Creative Director for Online Brand Communications at Philips, based at Philips Design’s headquarters in The Netherlands.

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  1. carolina said…

    Panzerotti!!! My family is from Puglia too, and Panzerotti are a real must! I do love them, and I have always some of them in the freezer, ready to be fried 🙂

  2. thomasmarzano said…

    Thank you so much for giving me the stage for telling this short story!! 🙂

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