If you are a fan of s’mores, would you love this interpretation of the campfire delight?

PIcture this, melted gooey chocolate crawling lava-like across the crispy smoky bacon sandwiched with sticky marshmellows between two graham crackers roasted over a campfire (or gas flame in your home ;))

Recipe by Sarah J Gim curated from Tastespottinghttp://goo.gl/Z0Z2B




  1. Muhanad Mumtaz said…

    Nice masterpiece b keep it up

  2. Tjoumy Sonvijit said…

    Hoi hoi are you' name That 3 Sam Desert " ?! Realy Arts!! Lovery 🙂 Gr. Tjoumy xxx

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  4. chariot kofi said…

    It's bouncing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eah?

  5. Chan Mon said…

    I like this.

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