Chocolate Fudge Gluten Free Brownie

Somethings simply improve with time. A bottle of red wine that has been well cellared, the wisdom of a mother as she ages gracefully, and that bottle of peaches that sits preserving on the top shelf of your pantry. This recipe is a classic example of what time and trial can do for even the most humblest of ideas.

I began baking this recipe over 15 years ago from a newspaper cutting hastily torn from the daily paper. It was for a brownie that at the time I thought was pretty decent with its cake like texture and rich chocolate flavour. It was a little grainy for my liking so the first tweak I made was to swap white sugar for the finer caster sugar. The texture improved dramatically and throughout its 15 year lifespan in my kitchen I continued to tweak, tailor make and experiment with different chocolates, cocoa powders, cooking temperatures and oven time.

Chocolate Fudge Gluten Free Brownie

Each time I tried something new I kept thinking that the recipe could not be improved , but I was to be proved very wrong. This last experiment has not only improved the texture, but it has completely transformed the brownies interior core to one that makes people weak at the knees. Wars and infighting amongst guests has been known to occur when this brownie makes as appearance on the table and I have been asked many times to divulge its chocolate secrets.

The last (and possibly) final tweak that I made to this recipe is to make it gluten free. The normal version I posted on this blog a few years ago is still going strong BUT the simple act of removing the plain flour and swapping it for my own gluten free flour mix has taken this brownie up to a whole new level. It tastes better than the normal version and you wouldn’t even know it was gluten free unless told. The texture is more fudge like and it is so soft and pliable you don’t have to chew if you don’t want to.

Chocolate Fudge Gluten Free Brownie


250g unsalted butter
2 cups caster sugar
60gm good quality cocoa powder
4 large organic eggs
400g semi sweet chocolate ( I use one with 51 % cocoa solids)
85 gm gluten free flour
pinch of salt



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