Chef Vs vegetarian
It gives me great pleasure to release the pilot  to my  online series Chef Vs,  where I take you on a journey through the wonderfully intoxicating world of food through my eyes as a  chef, blogger and internet devotee.  In each episode I challenge my food related significant others to give us all a little insight into their culinary backyard while we chat, cook something delicious and gain valuable insight into their world via my kitchen.

Chef Vs Vegetarian

 In this, the pilot episode of Chef vs I meet Vegetarian Food blogger Tara Mathews of vegeTARAian  and we chat about what life is like for Tara as a vegetarian and why she chose to give up meat for life. Tara then treats us to one of her popular recipes that can be found on her blog,  a Potato, haloumi and greens salad.

It was an absolute pleasure having Tara join me in my  studio along with the fantastic support of Lenovo  Australia and New Zealand who helped this video get over the line and supplied me with a gorgeous Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet that has joined the ranks as one of my must have pieces of kitchen hardware.

I hope you enjoy this video and dont forget to click on the little red subscribe button on the  top right hand side of the clip so you dont miss out on any more Chef vs shows.

Bridge x


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  1. Reeanne Keena said…

    You don't look old enough to have been doing that for 25 years!

  2. you are top of my christmas card list +Reeanne Keena !!!

  3. Reeanne Keena said…

    +Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef ha ha. Banana bread please. I am serious though. What's your secret?

  4. The 25 years really show on my hands. they are not pretty lady hands at all +Reeanne Keena 

  5. Maurice May said…

    Let me see those hands +Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef​! : )

  6. Maurice May said…

    +Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef​: First of all, two beautiful Aussie women making a fantastic dish makes my heart skip a beat.

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