photo by lu_lu

photo by lu_lu

For some of you reading this, the fact that I’m a HUMONGOUS (ie uber huge)  twitter fan will come as no great shock.

I am constantly singing its praises and tweeting about the joy that it brings to so many.

I began a couple of blog streams with twitter in mind including 5 powerful ways Twitter can help you eat better and the top 25 recipe posts on Twitter you just have to know.

I have meet some amazing people, eaten incredible food, followed some outstanding recommendations and shared some hilarious moments with other dear freinds thanks to this incredible social networking  tool.

I get real time news updates, tweet about trending world topics with people all over the globe,  and read and collect 1000’s of recipes for an outrageously good online cookbook… watch this space!

Seriously, if your not on Twitter… what are you waiting for???

One such Twitter buddy that I have been tweeting with @2morrowknight from Tacoma Washington has been a constant positive force.

An author of children’s books, community activist, college lecturer and Internet strategist for the Obama presidential campaign, he also happens to be a total foodie!

His latest blog post…10 Awesome chefs on Twitter (You need to follow) has yours truly listed amongst an awe inspiring group of Chefs.

I feel very honored and fortunate to be included with this auspicious group whom I faithfully follow and enjoy sharing the twitterverse with.

So lets keep sharing the love and spreading the twitter goodness.

In the words of one great twitter force and my source of my inspiration @iconic88

Twitter success = sharing, caring, retweeting, being yourself, being positive with a dash of humor.

Tweet y’all soon!




  1. deeba said…

    That's a great post Bridget.twitter continues to amaze…& HOW!!

  2. Reg B. said…

    OK, you got my mouth wateing… How do you come up with these treats… Great Idea for Restaurants to sell with a Large Mug with their LOGO! Thanks for the recipe your a peach… I trying it tomorrow, ot to go buy the stuff…

    Thanks a Million


    Reg B.

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