1. nike said…

    You are soooooo beautifulll.. đŸ™‚

  2. Dele Agboola said…

    I have to add you as friend cos of your profession cos I like food so mush. Lets see how it will work by learning from you on line till we have to see one on one

  3. Peter Luccitti said…

    Hi Bridget!
    I think you’re quite inspirational – I’m 17 and I love to cook and usually watch your shows for inspiration.
    Peter L

  4. Latu Foster Prasad said…

    Hi girl……OMG…..you still looking good girl….i hope you still remember me…..your old friend work together in Merlot Cafe,Number 5 Res……what ever i work with you i always enjoy and love it…….

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