With 20+ years working in commercial kitchens, I’m here to share with you some of the best secrets of the trade to help you cook better, faster and to eat well. You will surprise a lot of family & friends when you give some of my recipes a try.

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Avocado Tuna and Tomato Salad with Glorious Lentils+

New food {VIDEO} on our You tube channel >> Avocado Tuna and tomato salad with glorious lentils. This is a smashing weeknight...

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What would you do with 3 dozen oysters?+

What would you do with 3 dozen fresh oysters?

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Looks like this beast is missing an alien ship! +

….however, I bet within that hard shell exterior is some rich flesh treasure from the deep Reshared post from +Denise...

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Fritto Misto (Fried Squid, Fish, and Shrimp) Looks awesome!+

Fritto Misto (Fried Squid, Fish, and Shrimp) Looks awesome! If you love your seafood, then this dish is a definite...

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Green with Envy ~ Mussels on the Barbecue+

Green-Lip Mussels on the Barbecue The Mussels found in the  waters along New Zealand’s coastline are as dramatic as the countryside. With their...

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The 10min Foodie: How to Pan Fry the Perfect Fish+

Health organizations throughout the world recommend that we eat fish at least twice a week, so knowing how to cook...

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